Uncomfortable Talk - 'Selling the Invisible'

Please join us for an inspirational talk and discussion about selling the invisible on the 18 of June 2015, 7PM

About our guest:

Max Kickinger is the founder and CEO of Raven and Finch, an award-winning music and sound experience design consultancy and production house based in Vienna, Austria. The consultancy shapes sound identities and enhances brand value through music and sound experiences. They work for brands like Audi, Libero, Swarovski, Bogner and Adidas. They are Red Dot Communication Design Winner for Libero Russia Soundbranding.

About the talk:

Max is going to talk about the challenges that arise from running a business on the foundation of the invisible sound experience design.

Businesses like to measure – sales, time, money, investments, effects, outcomes. Quantifying everything is one of the most profound developments in marketing in the last century. But since marketing became a lot about emotions in the last decades: how do you put a number on something, that is even hard to talk about: music. It is not for nothing, that @@„talking about music is like dancing about architecture“@@ is one of the more discussed quotes on the internet – it has its point. It even gets harder to think about something as intangible as music in a selling and marketing context. 

About the format:

Uncomfortable Talk is a series of provocative and inspirational talks about marketing & innovation and is curated by LHBS. The goal of the Uncomfortable Talk is to acknowledge the elephant in the room, things that worked and even more importantly things that didn't work. What would you do again and what would you never repeat.
In short it's about sharing true learning and sharing a better insight into how things turned out when vision hit reality. It might be uncomfortable but these are the thoughts and the learning that will help us to progress.

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