(R)evolution Of Sportswear

More than just practical, sportswear has a number of uses - from providing comfort and flexibility to a sense of belonging and pride.

Today, sportswear has well-and-truly broken out from the confines of the court and made its way to the streets to become ‘the new casual’ in the form of athleisure.

Fashion brands, technology businesses and famous faces are all becoming the new competitors for sportswear brands. We explore the culture shifts that brought us here, the most interesting and innovative case examples surrounding sportswear and begin to predict where it’ll be heading along with the meanings for brands.

New Era Of Brand Activism

How Patagonia Is Leading The Way

As consumer’s demands for transparency, sustainability and social responsibility of brands are rising, brands can no longer duck away as not doing anything can have real negative business impact. Consumers want brands to take a stand and do good.  The CSR powerhouse Patagonia is leading the way to a new era of brand activism.

How can brands adapt to this changing expectations and demands?

What can brands learn from industry CSR leaders? 

This Snapshot points out the increasing relevance of CSR in light of changing consumer expectations and explores the current best in class examples of brands rooted in a strong cause, followed by implications for brands.


How does your brand compare to other industry names?

Are you ready to kick-start your own CSR movement?

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Influencers Now: The Current State Of Influencer Marketing

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Ways of communicating have always evolved, only now they’re arriving faster than ever before. It’s becoming increasingly instantaneous, visual, authentic and personal in terms of the content being shared, and the younger generation need brands to keep up.

Online influencers are fitting the bill with their 24/7 presence, high engagement and openness of every aspect of their lives.


This snapshot evaluates the current state of Influencer Marketing to help inspire brands in how they could approach collaborations: 

  • Who are they? - Who are influencers? How powerful they are and what’s their job to be done?
  • Where are they? - Which platforms do influencers use? How are platforms changing along with the influencers?
  • How are they used?  - What are the best examples of how brands are working with influencers to achieve various marketing goals?


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From Wasted to Wellbeing: Fostering a Sense of Community in Festivals of Exercise

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Festivals are rapidly shifting their focus from just giving an opportunity to party and drink to having more of a wellness character. Consumers still crave of connecting with friends and other peers and want to make unique experiences. However, trends like the health and wellness economy are changing their mindset towards how they define fun and a good time hanging out with friends. 

This snapshot explores wellness and fitness festivals from three different angels: 

  • fostering a sense of togetherness in a more digital, isolated world
  • leveraging the health consumer mindset of the “FitGen” 
  • providing unforgettable occasions to celebrate in the experience economy

If you want to explore how shifting customer expectations are potentially shaping your business, get in touch with us.

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A Little More Conversation: Branding With Voice UI

Welcome to the latest in our Snapshot series. This issue explores the rise of voice technology, how brands are creating value with new customer experiences through employing voice and future potential.

How we use and interact with machines and software is changing. Some assumed it was a fad, but we’re now seeing voice technology infiltrating our businesses, mobiles, vehicles and now our homes.

Brands are adopting the idea that voice is here to stay, which brings with it a shift in user experience, and in turn, customer expectations of usability.

In this report we explore; 

  • What’s Happening - How is the voice tech market growing and being used today?
  • Best Practices - How are brands harnessing the rising demand for voice tech by creating new user experiences?
  • Future of Voice- Where will the potential of voice take brands & business?

If you want to explore how shifting customer expectations are potentially shaping your business, get in touch with us.

Snapshot: Sustainability - Ecology & Economy

Sustainability has been a buzzword for the last couple of years. It means connecting economy with ecology, being able to internationally compete while also protecting the environment. A lot of companies are already committing to “being green”. It gives a competitive advantage and sustainability is increasingly expected by consumers. The movement is called Green Economy and describes a sustainable business that protects natural resources and doesn’t harm the environment. 

This report explores the Green Economy from three angles: 

  • insights into industry evolvements and consumer expectations 
  • introduces best practices of brands that get it right 
  • take-aways derived from insights and best practice examples


Infographic Report Summary



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Snapshot: Top 25 Signs of 2016

Welcome to our annual collection of top 25 signs according to marketing & innovation experts using & working daily with our Inspiration-Hub. 

We have selected the 25 most game changing and important signs that drew the attention of our readers this year the most. 

Explore the collection of disruptive signs from categories such as consumer insights, product innovation, service innovation, experience innovation & communication and see where the market is going.

Snapshot: Telstra - Strive to Serve & Know Customers Best

Welcome to our new Snapshot Report where we take a closer look of how Telstra from Australia successfully and by small but meaningful innovations managed to turn around pretty disappointing customer experience in 2010 to an amazing one just five years later.

2010: One customer described how a simple task—moving his phone and fax lines to a new house—became a saga that involved making 30 phone calls and taking four different days off work for technician appointments. Worse still, one technician left half of the job undone, two didn’t arrive at all, and the other said his visit was unnecessary. “I am feeling angry,” he wrote to then-CEO David Thodey.
2015: One pleasantly surprised small business owner named Joyce Odom recently proclaimed her delight at Telstra’s service quality on a Facebook post: “Has anyone ever heard of having a direct line into a telco, let alone into a professional and lateral- thinking representative?”

Get inspired on how to become truly customer centric with Telstra’s quest to build deeper connections with their customers.

Snapshot: There Is a Bot for That

We are now living in times where messaging context is slowly becoming a new model of publishing. Conversational apps grow faster than social networks.

Hence our interest and new report around the topic of CHATBOTS.

“App fatigue is real” and using a chatbot for building a relationship with customers feels more accessible, as it is like talking to a “real” person while an intimate, one-on-one interaction which is de-cluttering our mobile experience at the same time. It is also just cheaper to prototype an build a chatbot service rather than create a standalone smartphone app for a brand or business. If done right, it can definitely deepen meaningful relationships. 

The report isw divided into three parts:

  • WHAT'S HAPPENING - Whats is happening with people and messaging apps, what are conversational interfaces and chatbots? How fast are they growing?
  • WHAT ARE BOTS USED FOR - Examples of chatbots created & used for various purposes in different contexts. Here you can find them listed according to 10 categories.
  • WHAT'S NEXT - Bots in the future,  new bots with social skills that persuade users better and tips on how to create a distinctive bot. 

Snapshot: Collaborations

In our new Snapshot, we will demonstrate how collaborations help businesses stay on top of the game and generate more sales and stay relevant for their customers.

The report is divided into three parts:

  • Expanding Customer Segments- Collaborations are launched to expand existing customer segments and open up promising industry segments. 
  • Enhancing Product & Service Experience - Enhancing the product and service experience in order to engage existing customers even more and tie them stronger to the brand.
  • Cultivating Existing Relationships- Enhancing customer satisfaction beyond core offerings to strengthen customer loyalty.