Everything You Thought About Customer Service & Loyalty Is Wrong

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What we think about in customer service could be wrong, from what customers want to who’s the best personality for teams. Research firm CEB (now part of Gartner) recently presented findings from a number of studies carried out within the realm of customer service across the world.

The research spanned many different industries and consisted of over 125,000 customers, over 5000 service representatives, over 100 companies and revealed three major findings;

  • Delight doesn't pay
  • They don't really want to talk to you
  • Make it effortless

We explore these findings and offer actionable steps and useful resources to begin customer service transformations within any company.


Snapshot: Gen Z Girls - Living For Looks, Looking To Live

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Welcome to the latest in our Snapshot series. In this edition, we will delve deeper into what defines and motivates the next generation of consumers, focusing on girls.

Growing up “publicly” online has inevitably lead to an increase in self-consciousness. They have grown up closer to gender equality, a readily available outlet for their voice to be heard as well as almost every service at their fingertip. We explore how this is changing their values and ways they engage with brands.

This report is divided into three parts, or core ‘characteristics’:

  • Self-Curation - Lives documented on social media sees everyone striving for perfection
  • Demand Experience - “Their last great experience is their new expectation”
  • Want Immediacy - New standards are being set for in delivery and responses each day

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