Case Study: T-mobile UN-CARRIER

About “UN-CARRIER” Case Study

“UN-CARRIER” is a bold marketing initiative from T-mobile USA launched in the beginning of 2013.

Mobile providers are often seen as notoriously insensitive to the needs, pains and expectations of their customers. T-mobile’s “UN-CARRIER” was a bold and brave business move that challenged category conventions to become truly customer-centric brand.

The “UN-CARRIER” is a real game changer with a fully integrated customer value approach based on three main principles: SIMPLICITY, FAIRNESS AND VALUE, which brought the company 22 million new customers only in the first two years.

“Only T-mobile breaks the rules to break you free.”

Our newest case study outlines the “UN-CARRIER” Customer Value Proposition and maps it out in the LHBS Customer Value Canvas.

About the LHBS Customer Value Canvas

LHBS Customer Value Canvas is a tool we use to develop integrated customer value offers. We believe that any business or brand can create value for its customers in four interrelated, but distinctive areas: Core Product, Added Value Services, Shopping Experience and Communication & Touchpoints.

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