The Ultimate Customer-Centricity Reading List

Customer-centricity is a term that is impossible to miss in the business world in 2017. Customer expectations are rising. Competition is getting more intense. And it is no longer enough to just build and offer an exceptional product or service.

Customer experience is key to differentiating yourself from competitors and persuading consumers to buy your product or service, stay loyal to your brand and tell their friends and followers about you.

We carefully curated this ultimate customer-centricity reading list to help you to further understand:

Enjoy and get inspired by this deep dive into customer-centricity.

Customer-Centricity as a differentiation tool: Why is customer-centricity vital?

Looking back:


Designing a customer centric company: How can a company become customer-centric?


Best practices from customer centric companies.

‘Copy with pride’ when looking at companies who are already pros in customer centricity.  Why invent the wheel all by yourself when you can be inspired by companies who already hold the holy grail of customer-centricity?


Useful stats and quotes

Just when you think you've read everything you need to, there are never enough stats and quotes to get to know. Especially useful to impress your clients and co-workers at the next meeting.


The Ultimate Agile Reading List

You can’t get around ‘Agile’ these days. IT-Developers have worked Agile for years already, startups have it in their DNA and now legacy businesses are slowly realizing their need to become more Agile to stay competitive in this ever changing world.

This ‘Ultimate Agile Reading List’ intends to present a collection of the most interesting articles and books from around the topic of Agility, design sprints, scrum and lean.

It is designed to help you on your way to bringing more Agility into your own company, to dive deeper into the Agile world as well as to simply help you to stay up-to-date with the newest Agile thinking.

New to Agile? Check out our "What Is Agile" article for a great introduction.



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