We are now living in times where messaging context is slowly becoming a new model of publishing. Conversational apps grow faster than social networks.

Hence our interest and new report around the topic of CHATBOTS.

“App fatigue is real” and using a chatbot for building a relationship with customers feels more accessible, as it is like talking to a “real” person while an intimate, one-on-one interaction which is de-cluttering our mobile experience at the same time. It is also just cheaper to prototype an build a chatbot service rather than create a standalone smartphone app for a brand or business. If done right, it can definitely deepen meaningful relationships. 

The report isw divided into three parts:

  • WHAT’S HAPPENING – Whats is happening with people and messaging apps, what are conversational interfaces and chatbots? How fast are they growing?
  • WHAT ARE BOTS USED FOR – Examples of chatbots created & used for various purposes in different contexts. Here you can find them listed according to 10 categories.
  • WHAT’S NEXT – Bots in the future,  new bots with social skills that persuade users better and tips on how to create a distinctive bot.