LHBS is a marketing and innovation firm with offices in Berlin and Copenhagen. We help companies to discover and deliver relevant Customer Value Propositions. Our clients are leading European and Global companies from the FT Global 500. We apply our knowledge and expertise across industries and help our clients to learn and benefit from this experience.

We are looking for a Strategy Consultant to join our team in Berlin:

Your background:

  • Master degree in Business Administration, Marketing or Communication
  • Min. 3 years experience in the area of strategic planning or brand strategy
  • Experience in developing brand strategies and brand positionings
  • Experience in working together with advertising and digital agencies to develop communication campaigns

Your main consulting activities and responsibilities will consist of:

As a strategy consultant, you will be actively participating in or directly leading projects to help leading clients across Central Eastern Europe to develop powerful Customer Value Propositions and bring them to life through innovative products, services, experiences and communication. Specifically;

  • Discover: Through secondary or primary qualitative research, identify trends and market dynamics that are shaping or influencing clients’ business.
  • Define: Develop hypotheses and opportunity spaces for brands and business based on the outcomes of the research.
  • Develop: In collaborative workshops with clients and co-creators develop actionable ideas for products, services, experiences and communication. 
  • Deliver: Professional and inspiring outcomes presentations or prototypes and provide guidance in execution whenever the project demands it.

As a member of LHBS, you will also contribute with task and ideas to grow and promote LHBS as a company. Namely;

  • Contribute to our bespoke research tool the Inspiration-Hub®
    • Research contribution
    • Product development
    • Sales
  • Contribute to LHBS publishing strategy
    • Reports
    • Articles
    • Presentations and training

LHBS commitment to you:

  • An honest, open and stimulating work environment
  • Genuine interest in your ideas and contributions
  • Freedom to experiment with new ideas and approaches 
  • Access to the latest tools and software to accelerate your work
  • First-hand experience in working together with senior management of our clients
  • Competitive salary
  • Personal development in form of min. 2 individual external training or conferences per year
  • Close mentoring through a member of the management team

Please apply for this position via workable.