At LHBS, we are curious about brand opportunities that are at the crossroads of emerging consumer needs, enabling technology and market dynamics. What we learn, we like to share. That is why we have created the Near Futures Series of inspiration and insights reports designed to highlight what is happening today and how it can shape tomorrow for brands and business.

Our next issue is on The Near Future of Media. 

“While the landscape of content is rapidly changing, this fast pace opens opportunities for innovation in the way content expands, reaches and captivates audiences.

Key content partnerships are forming to keep up with where audiences are going, while the familiar channels are being constantly invigorated with new means of storytelling.

Publishers are constantly raising the bar on not only how content is delivered, but also how audiences experience content. Things are getting more immersive, and technology is helping to transport audiences beyond mere spectatorship to a more active, sense-heightening participation.”

Below, you can explore our full report with accompanying trends, insights and signs, followed by actionable implications which are included in a hands-on framework.