Traveling, from Excitement to Efficiency 

While travel has always been exciting for people, travel services have traditionally focused on efficiency. Today, largely thanks to technology, brands are not just delivering basic services well, they are also inventing new ways to enhance the quality and the positive intensity of the travel experience.

@@The Near Future of Travel Report looks at the emerging opportunities along the customer journey@@: 

  1. Before the trip / Instant Excitement
  2. During the trip / Feeling Home
  3. Upon arrival at the destination / Ground Efficiency 

1. Instant Excitement

Travel has generally not fallen into the “impulse purchase” category but innovative consumer touchpoints that utilize multi-sensory experiences and “click-to-buy” technologies are opening a new purchase mindset for consumers: let’s go NOW. 

2. Feeling Home

Gone are the days of in-flight movies as the sole means of “making time fly.” Innovative brands are doing their best in making journeys as comfortable and homey as possible.

3. Ground Efficiency

Travel is not just about getting there but also getting the most out of it. Travel brands are growing their scope of service by providing tools that help consumers optimize their trips with the push of a button– or a tap of the smartphone.

Travel Different. Travel Better.

The Near Future of Travel

Below you can explore our full report with accompanying trends and signs, followed by actionable implications which are included in a hands-on framework:


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