LHBS constantly tracks change and collects signs of changing behavior in the areas around people, markets and technology. On the basis of signs published in our  Inspiration-Hub  in the past few months, we have identified several themes that all fall under one bigger idea.

@@Brands are setting the stage to create our own unique and customized experience– we can have it the way we want it.@@ It’s all about experiencing reality based on our personality, our behavior and our needs.

Brands are offering us a solid and abundant base of content or actions to make us interact with them. But how we want to consume and enjoy it— that’s our call. We are given useful tools to design and navigate through the experiences according to our wishes with just little tips, hints and recommendations from brands to make it just a little bit better. Technology, attitudes, needs and wants are making ‘the end of mass’ a closer reality.

We would like to present our third theme that follows Meaningful Relationships and that is: 


If you missed out on our first and second trend report theme, no problem you can find them here: ‘Yearning to Discover Reality’ and ‘As You Like It .’

If you would like to learn more about our theme of ‘Meaningful Relationships’, opportunities for your brand and business or our Inspiration-Hub please get in touch.