LHBS constantly tracks change and collects signs of changing  behavior in the areas around people, markets & technology.  On the basis of signs published in our Inspiration-Hub in the past few months, we have identified several themes  that all fall under one bigger idea:

Meaningful Relationships.

In an age of hyper-connectivity, unprecedented choice and  consumer empowerment, the lines between brand  and consumers are getting fuzzier and more blurred. Brands  generate content, people generate it as well, brands promote messages, consumers proactively react,  comment and share  opinions. The line that used to mark a transaction, ‘I made it, you buy it’  is getting thinner and thinner as consumers  become more demanding, more wooed and more  involved.  @@Winning brands are those that focus on interactions rather than transactions@@ and sometimes letting consumers get in on the game on their own terms, not just the brand’s  terms.  Meaningful interactions are those that are human, personal,  user-led rather than just marketing led, and those that allow organic discovery – letting people find you where they are  and  from those that they listen to.  Relationships are subtle and fragile, they need constant  cultivating through listening, putting the consumer at the center, being helpful and useful beyond the product benefit.

We would like to present one of  the themes that follows  Meaningful Relationships and that is:

Yearning to Discover Reality:

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